We let and manage both furnished and unfurnished flats and houses. You can see our current list of available properties , although our stock changes daily and you should contact us for current availability or to register your requirements. Please note that for your safety and peace of mind all of our managed properties are Gas Safe Registered, and inspected for furniture fire safety.


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Emergency Contact Numbers

In the event of an emergency please contact the office in the first instance on 01414233462
Note* - For Out of Hours All Calls will be diverted, in the event of no answer please ensure to leave the following information and a representative will revert to you on priority:
Contact Number
Brief Summary of the emergency

You can now report a repair online. 
Smell gas? 0800 111 999
Gas emergency information
If you smell gas or think there’s a gas leak:
Open all doors and windows.
Don’t use any electrical equipment (including light switches) or naked flames.
Turn off the gas at the emergency control valve by the gas meter.
Call National Grid immediately on 0800 111 999.
After that you must contact us by telephone. Tel: 0141 423 3462.

Fire Emergency
If there is a fire at the property under no circumstance should you try to put it out yourself.

You must immediately evacuate the property and then contact the emergency services on 999 to report the fire.

After that you must contact us by telephone on 0141423 3462.

Scottish Water
Current Service Updates
If you are experiencing an unexpected loss of supply or emergency, you can check if it is on our current service updates page

SP Energy Networks – Power Cuts
Should you experience power cuts unexpectedly, please use SP Energy Networks’ postcode lookup or call our emergency numbers.

We'll be able to give you our best estimate of how long it will be before we can restore your power.